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Ok let me try put into words what I’m feeling lately about Teen Wolf.

I joined the fandom back in 2012. In the middle of the season2 and I was welcomed in a way that I never had with any other fandom before.

The cast and Jeff Davis, the fandom and MTV made me feel like I was part of the show. They were supportive, they talked to us all the time, they heard us like we were part of a big family. My feelings for this show were genuine and true. I met a lot of good people, who sadly I barely talk nowadays, I used to be creative and happy.

We talked about Teen Wolf everyday 24/7. I woke up a lot in the middle of the night with people calling me to see what was up, what was happening in the fandom. We all were truly happy with the show. I think 2012 summer, I had the most amazing fandom experience.

The environment was clean, peaceful.

If you ask anyone who joined tw fandom in that time, i believe the answer will be the same.

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