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Anonymous asked:

dude ur calves... i just wanna touch em lol

omg gurl they are so much bigger now LOL

Those pics are months old now and I’ve trained with 7year+guys that are HYUGEEE … like actually compete and shit and theyre wayyyy better now.


Anonymous asked:

I hope you fail that exam of yours. :)

Why exactly?

Lmao who the hell do you think you are? Get bent and lick my ass, didn’t wipe that well so I’m sure you’ll like the taste- but you’re prolly familiar with it since you’re so full of shit.

I’ve been pushed too far… and now this is my post

This is just a way of saying the conviction I’ve made for myself. The last few years have been hard and brutal in ways I hope I’ll never have to say. But I’ve realized who I am and have overcome them in full, and what I have achieved is… phenomenal to say the least.

I realized that my anxiety, lack of confidence and even depression (undiagnosed- so shoot me for using the word) got the better of me and crushed nearly all good from my life and who I am. I realized that with the responsibilities I’ve gone after, and attained twice now, that my own lack of confidence inspired anxiety in others and even mistrust. Better yet that I am loyal, intelligent, attractive in a very genuine sense when I even bother to try, and can be a pillar for others to lean on. I have no reason to shy away.

After this semester is over I am starting a new page in my life. No more hat, no more letting the scars show or walking around with a ridiculous beard (the physical scars will heal too, literally), no more self-doubt or letting anything hold me back.

With this… I will make an effort to be “human” and get more social- so likely I will be posting more actively on facebook. You are free to remove me if this displeases you, but this is how I will be and I have no time for those who would judge me. I am going to be getting back into muay thai, intramurals and social events too and maybe even post pictures of food.

I am here, and I am here to stay- I will no longer be restrained.

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